Summer 2017

-Studio Recording New Solo Album 

Saturday July 29th w/Alan & Stacey Schulman
7pm Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 
196 Allen, NYC 

Sunday September 3rd w/Lipbone Redding
Laguna Bar and Grill
1400 Ocean Avenue, Brigatine, NJ 

Saturday & Sunday August 26/27 with LaMar 
3pm Cisco Brewery, Nantuckett, MA 



Trade Winds Featured on Third Story

Trade Winds podcast feature by Leo Sidran on Third Story. Listen here>>




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Trade Winds Cuba is a powerful journey into the cultural evolution of music through improvised collaborations. Created by bassist and composer Matt Geraghty this web series brings together top Cuban musicians to improvise spontaneous compositions, documented by filmmaker Laura Newman and professionally recorded by sound engineer and musician Zé Luis.

Matt and his team will travel deep into the heart of Cuba this June to film collaborations with musicians, capturing their story and seeking to reveal a musical thread with common roots of rhythm and musical language.

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Trade Winds Concert April 29th at Iridium


'Love Letter' Live at the Blue Note




Trade Winds Playlist! Follow the Music of MGP21


Trade Winds Sets Sail! International Tour of Improvised Music Collaborations Comes to New Orleans November 9th to Café Istanbul

Trade Winds Project aims to follow the historical movement of global trade and its profound effect on the evolution of world music. Seeks to Reveal Common Roots of West African, Brazilian, Colombian, Caribbean and American Music. 

Thursday, October 30th, New York, NY — Trade Winds, a transatlantic music collaboration between bassist Matt Geraghty and top local musicians from New Orleans, the West Coast of Africa, East Coast of Brazil and the Caribbean, sets sail for their inaugural voyage in early November.

Trade Winds will be documented through a series of collaborative improvised music sessions documented and released online during a 3-week journey to the coastal cities that have been hubs of trading and the heart of human cultural evolution.  The project will output 21 professional music videos of the collaborations released several times a week while on the journey and present a concert at Café Istanbul Sunday November 9th at 10pm featuring 30 of New Orleans’ finest musicians playing in 21 brand new groups doing improvised compositions.

“The goal of Trade Winds is to reveal the cultural and musical footprint that was made by the transatlantic trade route while creating a new model for music making in our globalized society,” Geraghty said.

Beginnings In NYC
Geraghty recently completed his project “21” ( where 21 improvisational new bands were created in 21 days. Drawing from 43 musicians from over 20 countries including Spain, Mali, Brazil, Cape Verde, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Portugal and Cuba, 21 was a massive undertaking that brought together native musicians from around the world. Sessions were filmed and a video of the improvised collaboration was released each day featuring a who’s who of the global music scene including multiple Grammy winners who supported the project.  The project also performed 2 improvised concerts at the prestigious Iridium Jazz Club in 2014 and will be featured again Friday November 28th for a Trade Winds Returns concert.

Sailing on Trade Winds
Through the success of 21, a team was formed to create a new project much broader in scope — “A project that would take the music we created in 21 to the homes and town squares of the musicians who gave so much to make it,” Geraghty said. And with this goal, Trade Winds was born.

With filmmaker Laura Newman, Geraghty will carry out 3 distinct trips doing musical collaborations in New Orleans, Caribbean, West Africa, East Coast of Brazil.

Along the way, the team will showcase improvised collaborations with Geraghty on bass and local premier instrumentalists and vocalists in coastal cities, exposing local talent to an international audience.  The list of New Orleans musicians involved in the project includes David Torkanowsky, June Yamagishi, Johnny Vidacovich, Derrick Tabb, Ricky Sebastian, Michaela Harrison, Mehnaz Hoosein, Cha Wa Band, Curtis Pierre, Renard Boissiere, Robin Clabby, Chris Alford, Eric Bloom, Gregory Agid and many more.




Trade Winds Concert in New Orleans at Cafe Istanbul November 9th